Best Bets implementation in Elastic Search

Hi All,

I need to implement best bets using elastic search. Where in few results
will be ranked and displayed at top depending upon the keyword searched by

Please let me know if such implementation is possible using elasticsearch.
If yes, any link/white paper/information on this would be helpful

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Hi @Nitesh_Earkara, did you have any progress with this issue?

I am currently looking into this myself.

My initial idea on how to implement this, was to create a separate field for the "best bet" keyword, on the documents that had such a value, and basically boost it by a factor of 100+ (anything higher than normal boosting would work, i assume).

I believe this will work, if you dont care about the rankings when multiple "best bet" documents matches.

for instance, you add best bet for the search term "people", saying that documents "people magazine","peoples choice","peoples opinions" should score higher when this term is used, but what if you always want the document "people magazine" to show up as #1?

This is, i believe, where my solution would fail. But it might work for you.

If you found a different solution - please let me know if you can! :slight_smile: