Best connection settings for setup with 3 nodes (2 data, 1 master only)

Hi there

I while ago I asked a question here for a good setup for load balancing with 2 master nodes. I got an excellent answer and we have been using this setup for a while now.

  • 2 master, data nodes
  • 1 master only node

I do however have a follow up question with this setup.

What are the best connection settings for this setup? I'm currently using StickyConnectionPool with the 3 nodes defined in it. And no other settings.

Also, when bulk inserting what is the recommended setting for WaitForActiveShards? Setting it to 'all' makes it so that when one node is down, the inserts take a very long time (I'm guessing it waits for the other shards to become active). That doesn't seem very useful?

We are using Elastic Search 5.x and NEST 5.x.

Thank you in advance


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