Best Max size for storing files in ES

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Hello, I using elasticsearch for my project.

i have 1 question.

if i have to store binary file only to elasticsearch, how much Best Max size for storing files in ES?

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Elasticsearch has not been designed to store binary content.

I'd not use ES for that but store binary content in anything that can store it efficiently.
Why do you want to use Elasticsearch for that?

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thank you for reply,

Why do you want to use Elasticsearch for that?

Becuase, i have to manage document by only elasticsearch.

i know disadvantage of to store file into elasticesarch. and

i saw your reply about other question.

you did recommend elastic + couchdb

however i just want know available max size in ES.

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You have first some limits on the http layer. 100mb from what I remember. You need to change a setting if you want to increase that.

Then memory. Your JSON document has to fit in memory entirely. And note that a BASE64 version of a binary document consumes more space than the original one.

Then you have the Lucene limit per field which I don't remember.

Remember that anytime you will have new nodes joining the cluster or removed from the cluster, you will have tons of data moving over the network.

That's why I'm not super enthusiast with that architecture.

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thank to reply!

Your answer is a great help to me.

have a nice day~

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