Big binary fields/files storage in ElasticSearch


Hello ElasticSearch experts,

Wondering if we could store big binary fields/files into ElasticSearch? For big binary file, I mean video, PDF, image files, etc. which is big (from a few M bytes to hundreds of M bytes), and there is no need to index/scan content for such files. The purpose of asking this question is because, I have a document which represent a student course, for small fields, like student name, teach name, etc. I can easily index each field and user may search against each field. There are also big fields for a course instance, like course slides, video/images, which I want to see if I can store together into one ElasticSearch cluster for better management.

Any advice is appreciated.

thanks in advance,

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Yes, you can using the attachments plugins -


@warkolm, thanks for answering my question.

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