Best practices to auto-update html table from elasticsearch server

Hi there,

I'm trying to build a simple event visualization web-dashboard based on elasticsearch.


browser --- web framework (node.js api layer) --- elasticsearch

Basically, I'll have a lot of network-appliance-related events coming in elasticsearch (like interface up/down, host up/down, psu broken, etc.).

Once these events are stored, I need to visualize them through an html table.

The table needs to auto-refresh, since we must act very quickly upon these events to avoid breaking sla. Side note: I need to setup some custom logic on this table (like different colors based on priority and buttons to acknowledge the reception of a ticket).

What is the best way to do that (I mean to auto-refresh)? Ideally I would like to setup a websocket connection from the borwser to my node.js server and from there to elastic.

I don't think elastic search support websockets. Am I forced to polling data from elastic?


Yes, I believe so.

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