Best strategy to deal with one event that contain multiple events, and graph it on kibana

Hi, after parsing a string field . it, I got several fields with different names, this names will change constantly and probably will appear new ones

{ "mfemve"=>"0,39 ", "vmtoolsd"=>"0,39 ", "zabbix_agentd"=>"0,32 ", "powershell"=>"0,30 ", "ir_agent"=>"0,00 ", "wmiprvse"=>"0,00 ", "unsecapp"=>"0,00 ", "ccmexec"=>"0,00 ", "searchindexer"=>"0,00 "}

So in a way I have multiple events on one event, the problems is that I have to graph this fields in kibana, but it will not be possible because of the differents name.

how can I output multiple events from a single event?

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