Best way to index "subfield" / mapping


Hi guys,

i have the following situation. I have an Element with attributes, like title, description and so on.
And there are subelements, also with title, value...

What is the best mapping to achive that i can query Elements with specific values in subelements. I think nested is the wrong way, because i wont query Subelements as separate Items.

Query something like: "Find element where value in subelement1 is true"...

Dummy Structure:

"element": {
  "title" : "myelement",
  "description" : "myDescription",
   "subelements": [
              "title": "subelement1",
              "value": "false"
              "title": "subelement2",
              "value": "true"

Thanks for any advice.

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after digging a little bit deeper in the "nested" Functionality, i correct myself and say that this might be a possible way.

Disagreements? Improvements?


Best regards.

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