How to get particular element by index

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Say I have this document stored.

###exemplary data
{"name": "haris","projects": [{"title": "Splunk"},{"title": "QRadar"},{"title": "LogAnalysis"}]}

{"name": "khalid","projects": [{"title": "MS"},{"title": "Google"},{"title": "Apple"}]}

{"name": "Hamid","projects": [{"title": "Toyota"},{"title": "Honda"},{"title": "Kia"}]}

###code for mapping
PUT index_name
"mappings": {
"iterations_type": {
"properties": {
"projects": {
"type": "nested",
"include_in_parent": true

My QUESTION: I want to get 2nd element of "projects" array against some specific name e.g "name": "khalid".

What I tried so far:
I am new to ES and I searched forums for the answer, some suggest to specify mapping of "projects" key. I tried that too and the issue I face is

  1. when I create empty index, specify the mapping first and then insert the data, I get an error like "reason": "object mapping ["projects"] can't be changed from nested to non-nested"
  2. when I create empty index, insert data first and then specify the mapping, I get and error like ""reason": "index [<>] already exists"
    ard for me to specify mapping for each field explicitly

Thanks in advance

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