Best way to migrate data disk


Today i was wondering what would be the best way to migrate disks ( dedicated data disk for Elasticsearch ) from one virtual machine to another.

The disks are directly attached to the vms, could i stop the node and remount the disk on another machine ?

I'm affraid that if i stop the node the cluster will just start to rebuild itself and corrupt data ?

Yes, stopping the node, unmounting the disk and then mounting it elsewhere should work out fine.

You may want to stop the cluster from shuffling to much data around, you can follow the rolling restart guide for that. To Elasticsearch, this operation should look like a rolling restart.

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You also may want to take a snapshot.... just in case...


Snapshot is done and will definitly improve our backup strategy ! thanks for sharing

That's what i was looking for, thanks will do just that i'll try to post as the migration start.

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