ES data migration

Hi, I am using Es 5.X.X. Now my es data disk is SSD .I want to change my disk to HDD.
Anyone can tell me how to do ?

Is it a hardware question?
Is it an elasticsearch question ?

Sorry @dadoonet ,I don't describe my question exhaustively.
I hava a data path in an Elasticsearch data node mounted a SSD Disk (300G) , there is about 40G of data in the disk .Now I want to change my disk to HDD . so I must mount a HDD disk to the data node and umount the SSD after datas migration . Besides , it should make no difference to the production environment.
I don't know how to do ?

If I got it correctly, you can:

  • stop elasticsearch
  • mount the new HDD disk
  • move elasticsearch data dir from /ssd/data to /hdd/data (not real names)
  • change elasticsearch.yml and set /hdd/data
  • restart elasticsearch

I believe this should work.

Small question though: why do you want to use a slower disk?

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