Mixing ssd and hdd in path.data is not working



For one of ES instances, we pointed path.data to both hdd and ssd.

path.data: /dir/d05/elasticsearch/data,/ssd/elasticsearch/data

This setup is not working. I found there is NO data being written to ssd except _state.

Is this wrong setup? Has any one experienced this issue before?

Thanks in advance.

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Please, post the output of:

GET _cat/shards?v


Thanks @thiago. This is sensitive data. Please suggest what should I look at specifically.

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Sensitive? It's just a bunch of index names... :smile:

Anyway, how many nodes and how many shards you have?


4 data nodes with 3 instances on each. We have 916 shards.

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After you have added this extra path configured, were any index created?


Yes @thiago

(Thiago Souza) #8

Ok. So what I can tell you now is that when you configure a new data path, Elasticsearch won't start moving existing shards to it. Only when newly created indices in which shards are assigned to that node is that Elasticsearch will create shards on the new data path. So if you are creating daily indices with just one shard, for instance, it might take a few days until that data path actually gets selected.

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