Shards distribution for multiple data paths

Hi, I am using ES 5.2. If we start ES with a single entry and index docs and later on restart ES with multiple entries in, will the existing shards be redistributed on new entries?

Originally, our had only one entry, say disk1. Later we added 2 more entries, say disk2, disk3, but only Disk1 seems to be getting used by 70% of the shards. Each disk is of 7.2 TB, and size of each shard is less than 5G. There are total 60 shards across 3 indices, 20 primary, 40 replicas.
So when does the shards relocation take place or what triggers shard relocation? Is there any way to enforce relocation of a shard on a new data path of node.

Also, does ES try to evenly place all shards of one index or all shards across all indices?


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