Relocate shards in local disks


I have multiple ES (1.5) servers with multiple disks.
I have added an additional disk to all of the servers and i want ES to relocate the shards so that the new disk will take an equal % of current storage usage.

For example:
disk1 - 75%
disk2 - 75%

disk1 - 50%
disk2 - 50%
disk3 - 50%

Preferably by smartly moving shards (I.E not have multiple replicas on same disk, moving equal # of primaries to all disks).

Is that possible?

Not with 1.5 as it can spread a single shard across multiple disks.
2.0 handles this better.

Hi @warkolm ,

Rather than start a new thread for the same topic, I'll ask here:

In ES 2.3.x, how would one move a shard from one local disk to another?

I have two equal-sized disks attached, both configured as data paths, but one was just added and is empty. I want to move 1 of the 2 shards on the older disk to the newer disk (to improve I/O throughput).


You cannot.

Is there any update for this? Will it ever be solved?