Better phrase suggestions for spelling mistakes


I have a small index of about 4000 documents. Each document has a field
called suggestion_name which is the title of the document. Here is what the
relevant part of our mapping looks like:

:properties => {
:id => { :type => 'string' },
:name => { :type => 'string', :analyzer => :snowball_name, boost: 1.5 },
:suggestion_name => { :type => 'string', :index => 'not_analyzed' },

I want to be able to provide our users a really solid "Did you mean"
feature. I am using these phrase suggestion settings currently:

def self.suggest_phrase(query_string)
self.suggest( :index => "special_topics", :body => {
:text => query_string,
:simple_phrase => {
:phrase => {
:field => "suggestion_name",
:size => 1,
:real_word_error_likelihood => 0.95,
:max_errors => 50,
:gram_size => 2,
:direct_generator => [{
:field => "suggestion_name",
:suggest_mode => "always",
:min_word_length => 1

But this is less than ideal. For example, a document has the title "Sports
Massage Extreme". Mis-spelling like this work : "sports massag extreme" & "
sprts massag extreme". But the moment I try something like this: "sprts
massag extreeme" it fails. I have tried many, many ways to tweak the
various knobs for the phrase suggestion but nothing seems to do the trick.
I have tried removing the "gram_size" param completely, adjusting the
"max_errors" params, etc. I have tried tweaking the direct_generator
various ways like increasing the "size" to 10. Nothing! What am I not
looking at?

Thanks much!

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