Better search result with relevant data with prioritization

Hi ,

I am trying to improve relevant search. I have list of fields (around 21) with priority order(total fields in document arnd 120). Those fields need to get more priority as compare to others during search.

I am using ^ operator for the same . higher priority field is getting more no as compare to lower priority after ^ operator. for example below is priority

1- last name (1st priority)
2- first name (second priority)
3- address (third)

Issue - I searched with exact match on first name and last name and I got 7 result. When using ^ operator query with same input, top 5 results come same, but last two is showing some other data because last name is appearing in address also(thats what I am guessing).

How can I make sure the entire content get search first against all priority fields and then rest of fields and get better relevant data?


i am using below query

   "query": {
    "dis_max": {
      "queries": [
          "multi_match": {
            "query": "\"Tom Hanks\"",
            "fields": [
            "type": "cross_fields"
      "tie_breaker": 0.7

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