ES 1.7 : Relevant document based on the priority of the field



I am confused which option to use. Most relevant output to the user based on the search in each field with minimum match of 30%. I have 4 fields. The match score of each field does matters. It's like the most important field is field-1, on the second most important field is field-3, the third most important field is field-2, the last one is field-4. So do I frame this query into ES query?

(Mark Walkom) #2

Take a look at the function score query perhaps.


Thank you. I will go through the function score query. One more thing, how do I search on different fields with different query string like { querystring1 --> field1 & querystring2--> field2 & querystring3-->field3} and the _score should be the total or avg score of these 3 _scores? then for more precision & better performance want to use rescoring API

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