Better understanding of Timelion-moving average needed


I am generating a moving average timelion graph for my data. Below are the graphs:

I have only changed the interval(or whatever it is representing) from 3 min to 4 min. I am not able to understand

  1. What this particular interval is/signifies
  2. How is it affecting the graph(difference in shape)
  3. When i change it to 10min, no graph is visible

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


The "interval" represents the interval used in the Elasticsearch date histogram aggregation: Date histogram aggregation | Elasticsearch Guide [8.11] | Elastic

Date histograms are bucket aggregations, and the interval controls the size of the buckets / how many buckets there are from the start time to the end time.

Moving averages need to create subsets of the data to average, and then shift the subset forward across the data to continuously calculate an average. I would guess you don't have enough data to create enough subsets for calculation when your interval size is 10m. See Moving average aggregation | Elasticsearch Guide [master] | Elastic

For fun, you could try running those moving average aggregation queries on your data yourself using the Console Dev Tool :smiley:


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