Timelion visualization wrongfully shifting the date buckets by the interval specified


I am working with Kibana version 7.6.1. I am using Timelion visualization in order to display the desired statistics. While visualizing I observed that the graph appears in the previous date bucket.

For eg. : If I give 1 hour interval, the whole graph is shifted by 1 hour prior to actual bucket and if I give 1 day interval, it gets shifted by 1d i.e. no matter what interval I give it appears to be in previous bucket.

Please find below the indexed data statistics.

We can observe that the first document is indexed at May 25, 2020, 05:33.

Please find below the timelion visualization.

We can observe that the bucket is shifted one hour prior (which is my interval).

Could you please help me with this.

Vardan Kumar

Hi @vardan unfortunately this is a known bug: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/45620
If you need to compute the sum of cache.Hits you can also use the standard line chart available in Visualize.

Hi @markov00, Thank you so much for the response! :slight_smile:

Actually in order to explain my issue, I just narrowed my case down. I want to view multiple graphs using multiple fields from corresponding elasticsearch documents with various calculations in one visualization and Timelion seems the best fit for this purpose. Moreover a lot of our design for our statistics visualization relies on Timelion. I just hope this issue is resolved by ELK team very soon. :crossed_fingers:

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