Timelion drawing incorrectly

Hi, currently i'm trying to plot time series my data has records about daily sales, and this is my query:

.es(index=demo_finanzas_21, timefield=timestamp, split=contrapartes.keyword:2 , q=" divisas:'USD' AND contrapartes:'Alan Juarez' ")

An extrange thing is that each record is showing me the value of the previous record, because if i have a count of 4 for April 14th 2014, in my index has been indexed in timestamp field as April 14 2014 00:00:00 but when i plotting it on timelion it shows me that in April 14th 2014 23:56:23 has a value of 4 when in the index is saved another time, and all day has a value of zero.

How can I solve this problem?

I think this depends on how the buckets are calculated. Can you try and reproduce the same chart using the default Line Charts in Kibana?

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