Timelion alternatives for canvas workpad

Are there any alternatives to timelion in canvas?
I would like to show time-based data, but there are bugs with timelion that I cannot workaround.

The final result should look something like this:

Would be happy to hear any idea you might have.

Hey there!

Have you considered using the essql function to grab the data for your graph? Check out this example using the ecommerce sample dataset:

essql "SELECT DATE_TRUNC('hours', order_date) as \"@timestamp\", sum(taxless_total_price) as value FROM kibana_sample_data_ecommerce group by DATE_TRUNC('hours', order_date)"
| pointseries x="@timestamp" y="value"
| plot xaxis=true yaxis=true defaultStyle={seriesStyle points="0" bars="0" lines="3" color="#eb6c66"}
| render containerStyle={containerStyle opacity="0.5"}

This does a sum aggregation grouping by the order data. I'm also using the date trunc function to return data for hourly granularity.

Does this help?

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That is awesome!
Thanks a lot @poff !

Do you know if I can change the time interval in the visualisation?
For example to have 1 hour instead of 2?

Cheers :airplane:

I'm not sure I have the perfect solution for the interval configuration on the chart but you might take a look at the axisConfig function: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/canvas-function-reference.html#axisConfig_fn

Ya, seen this already.
Ticksize - Use for number axes only. i.e. not time/date.


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