Timelion graph on integer field values


I am saving aggregated data to a different index in ES for comparison on old stats.
I am able to draw line chart in kibana by avg ( for a integer field ) at y axis , now i want to compare it with
say last week/month data in a line chart. i think does not support the same
So i am trying in timelion , but i am unable to draw line based on values of an integer filed.

I just tried using a number field with the latest version of Timelion and didn't have any issues. The mapping on my field is long though, maybe yours is different.

Can you share the mapping for the field you are trying to use in Timelion? The API looks like this:


Where logstash-* is the index pattern you are matching, and my_field is the field name you are trying to look at the mapping for.

Thanks Joe, mapping is fine my requirement get solved by metric ( matric(avg:field) function in timelion.