Timelion: removing canvas for cleaner graph

Hey, me again! So, this time I was wondering if there's any hidden magic (maybe using props?) that I can use to hide things like the scale values and background lines from Timelion.

I'm looking to build a simple "signal" timeline graph... I currently have this:


The three series can only be 0 or 1, in this one quantity doesn't matter - if it's one or 1000, it'll be one. That I already got working, but I'd really like to make it look better but removing the scale values on the left, and the background lines.

I already got the legend out of the way using the columns feature... it's not ideal, I'd like to move it up (specially since there's a whole lot of space upwards from it's current position), but that works for now...

Hey @joaociocca!

Yeah, unfortunately there's no hidden magic to hack these styles in Timelion beyond what you've already done. For example with the legend, you can control position/columns, but you can't really pixel-push the positioning.

If it is an option for you, I'd look into using Canvas instead -- you should be able to use Timelion as your data source so you can preserve the same Timelion expression you've already been using, but Canvas will give you a lot more styling flexibility and allow you to remove the grid lines & axis labels.

Canvas also gives you a way to hack the CSS via the Element Style panel, so you can target the legend and reposition it by entering something like:

.canvasRenderEl .legend {
  margin-top: -20px;

Hope this helps a bit!


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I tried to use Canvas a couple times, on another project, but never got it to work =( I saw two webinars about it, it seems so easy I feel a little dumb not getting it to work!

Sadly, the instance where I'm running that Timelion dashboard is the exact previous version of Canvas launch version, and the guys who take care of that infra have no ETA on upgrading =(

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