Kibana timelion adjustments to work similer to time series

Hi all
I was working using kibana time series , but then after suffering from a lot of troubles (espicaly in short intervals when I am seeing dots instead of a line ) and decided to move to timelion for concrete graphs where I failing to achive my PM requirments .

Now I am suffing 2 new issues

  1. green - the time frames (time series start from 12:38 and time lion 12:34) are different even though both graphes are in the same dashboard
  2. red - legend location ,I would like the legend to be Beneath the graph as u can see in time series

Both visualizations use different charting libraries to create their output, which is why you are seeing different values on the axes and different positioning of the legends.

Timelion will allow you to move the legend around, but I don't think it can be removed from the chart itself, so it can't be placed outside of the axes, like you want.

You may be able to customize the values shown on the X-axis in Timelion as well, and remove some of the extra values, but I'm not positive that's possible. I also don't believe you can customize the values in the time series chart, which picks the values automatically so that the fit correctly in the layout.

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