Help - i'm trying Timelion but I don't have a date/timestamp field :)


I have a lot of custom data in ES, but there is no date or timestamp field. I have instead a large integer that represents UNIX time in microseconds.

Can I still use Timelion ? Or do I need to do other another visualization stack ?

Thanks !

Yeah, you probably need a timestamp field, so that you can run the date_histogram. I would recommend re-indexing your data and creating a timestamp field with that large integer.


Great thanks ! Is that easy to do in elastic ? I’m an elastic noob...

Yes indeed. Its very easy. Follow -

Do let me know if you have any q.


Hmm. I might be missing something easy...

It looks like I want to create a "scripted" field from an existing field.

It turns out the source field is a string.

If I use the painless script editor, it seems to be failing. And its not
clear to me what the error is as I get no feedback from the script editor:

I'm trying to do something like this, as a first step to converting it to a

painless <<

return (long) doc['publishTimeMicros].value

painless <<

But even that doesn't work. And I assume its not working because after I
create the scripted field and go back to "Discover" no searches work. But
if I delete the scripted field, everything returns to normal.

Hey, so I ended up just creating a timestamp field outside of elastic -
before i give the data to elastic.

I used python datetime case anyone is interested in a hacky


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