Timelion not showing any data

Hi everyone,
I have an issue with timelion and visual builder which are not showing any data ( q:* > count(0.0) ) even thou I have indexes in elasticsearch and other dashboards/visualizations works fine.

I am running Kibana 5.5.0 but the problem was there even with 5.1.x.

Any ideas what could cause the problem?


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Is this the case even for a very simple expression, like .es(*)? Are you sure the timepicker is set to a time range that includes data? If yes to both questions, do you see any errors in your Kibana/ES logs or in your browser's dev tools console?

Yes I was testing timelion with simple expression .es(*) and set the time picker for the time window which shows data in visualizations tab. Is there any specified field mapping or date format timeline is expecting to find?

If the date format works in the rest of Kibana it should work in Timelion I think. However, you might need to change a couple of advanced settings (in Kibana's management section):

If that doesn't help, you might try enabling verbose logging in order to look at the actual queries Timelion is sending to ES. You can do this by adding elasticsearch.logQueries: true to your kibana.yml and starting kibana with the --verbose flag


OK, it seams I figured it out. So for future reference.

Timelion does not use Time filter field name specified for the index on Create index patter site in Kibana. Instead, it expect the date field to be named according to timelion:es.timefield parameter. What worked for me was setting the timefield parameter in Timelion e.g. .es(timefield=Time)


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