Timelion page is blank


Having now upgraded to ES 5.0, Kibana 5.0, and X-Pack 5.0, I see that my Timelion page is blank. What must I do to see data there?

Thank you!

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You may need to set update timelion:es.timefield in Management/Advanced Settings if you don't have @timestamp in your index. There's also a tutorial, you can click on Docs & click return to the tutorial.


Thanks, Mike. @timestamp is in my indices. And, I set timelion:showTutorial to true, and even that doesn't show up.

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I moved this to the Kibana forum as you may get a better response there. But you may want to enable verbose logging in Kibana and check to see if there are any errors. Also you can use Chrome's developer tools and launch Inspect and check Network and Console for any errors when you load the Timelion page.

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