Timelion always brings back blank


Hi all,
I am very new to elastic. I am trying to use Timelion to graph some data but timelion is always bringing back a blank no matter what see screenshot below:

However I know for a fact I have data in my database:

Has anyone had this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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Hrm, that's strange, you should be seeing the same count in Timelion, since you've selected the same time range and are searching all indices.

Do you have a lot of other indices in your cluster? Maybe Elasticsearch is truncating the results... perhaps try using .es(index="pattern-*"), where pattern-* is whatever index pattern you're using in Kibana.


I actually ended up finding the problem. In the Advanced config Timelion has it's own field that it looks for "@timestamp" my data wasn't filling that field. As soon as I populated the field it all worked!

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