Is it possible to use a scripted field for the timefield parameter in timelion queries

The Kibana version I am using is 7.4.2
Initially, while creating my ElasticSearch domain, I had made a mistake of not mapping my index with a field of the 'date' type. I am using a Kinesis firehose to send data to my ElasticSearch domain and I was sending the time in epoch milliseconds. ElasticSearch indexed this as a field of the 'number' type, as a result of which I did not have any 'date' type field in my index and wasn't able to create any timelion visualizations.
To circumvent this, I stumbled across the 'Scripted field' which allowed me to create a field of the 'date' type from my time field.
However, when I was using this in my timelion query, I am able to see only 0's, despite having a lot of data. Even this query is returning me all 0's
.es(q=*, timefield=timestamp) [ timestamp is the name of scripted field I created ]

I was wondering if using scripted field for the timefield parameter is supported in my Kibana version or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!

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