Timelion Appears to be bucketing dates incorrectly


I am working with elasticsearch:6.3.1 and /kibana-oss:6.1.0. I have been building app to record daily energy consumption for high-rise buildings.

I am recording the date and value in a document with following format:

readAtTimeStamp: July 6th 2018, 11:54:10.000
value: 5


When I build any "Chart" visualisations it is recorded with the correct date.


When I try and graph with timelion and a "day" interval, it appears that all records are presented on day prior to timestamp.

i.e. Jan 5 has value of 20

i.e. Jan 6 has value of 0

Here is my timelion syntax:

.es(index=index-*, timefield=readAtTimeStamp, q='readModel:meterReadingDelta AND group:residential', metric=sum:value).label('Meter Data')

Perhaps I do not understand how the bucketing/aggregation works in timelion, is it different that with the other visualisations.

Please advise,


I believe this issue is an issue with Timelion ignoring timezone setting. You can track the issue here.

Thanks Jen,

Was having hard time finding an answer in all my googling. May need to just change the timezone of my server for now.

Any other workarounds?

Appears to be an issue with more than time settings. When I use a "monthly interval" it shifts everything by a whole month.

i.e. Data

i.e. Timelion

Appears no matter what the interval is, it appears int the previous bucket.

My solution until this issue it resolved is to set interval and offset in my timelion query.

.es(interval=1M, offset=-1M, split=country:5,timefield=ts,q='type:sales')

this does not work, as it drops some of the months when viewing this year.

Any proposed solutions would be much appreciated, have been stuck on this for days. I do not think it is related to the timestamp issue, it is something else...

Is it a problem with my data? New to kibana and elastic search and not sure why this exists. It seems to always pass the data from 'dec' bucket into 'november' bucket.

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