Timelion data moved to incorrect day

Hi everyone,

I'm doing a simple time serie visualization with timelion. The thing is that depending on the interval I select for the data, they are put in the correct or in an incorrect day. Let's see some screenshots.

First of all, if I select the interval as "day" you can see the following data:

The metric "Registered users" shows 1379 users on July 1st (which is correct), the hour does not matters to me, but the day does. Then, if I switch the interval to "Day" I have the following number on July 1st:

As you can see, now in July 1st there are a few more than 500 registered users, but if you look at June 30th:

There are the 1379 users that previously were shown on July 1st (the correct date). Why that happens? I want to group the data by day and not by hour, but I don't want to have that 1 day offset, because it's confusing.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hey @alesanchez, this is being caused by https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/36539, would you mind commenting on that issue or giving it a +1 so we can prioritize fixing it appropriately?

Thank you for your answer! Already commented but I'm going to post a bit more information.

Do you know if there is any workarounds to mitigate the problem while waiting for a fix? Thank you very much again!

There is unfortunately no work-around until the underlying issue is resolved.

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