Timelion default daily offset problem

Hi, I have a very annoying problem using Timelion. Data comes in continuously, but I want to visualize my data with a day-granularity. However the data as it appears in Timelion is always off by a day.
I fixed this using a workaround, by adding an offset of -1d, all days in Timelion now have the correct y-value, but this has the secondary problem that all data only appears in Timelion a day late. Very annoying, as I want to monitor the data real time.
I've been looking everywhere for solutions or what causes this, but could not find any similar cases. Anyone knows what I can do to resolve this?
This is Kibana 6.6

Screenshots to clearify the issue:

No offset added, March 10 shows 46 unique users. March 11 (yesterday) is not complete. March 12 (today) has no data whatsoever.

The same data visualized using a Kibana bar chart, March 11 shows the correct 46 users while March 10 shows 44 users. March 12 (today) is correctly not complete.

When I add an offset to the Timelion visualization, we see that March 10 now shows the correct 44 users. However, the data for March 11 is not complete yet, it's one day behind.

Anyone who had a similar issue with Timelion or know what is going on here?
Very much appreciated!

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This may be related to a known Timelion timezone bug.

Thanks for the reply.

This could indeed be the case, although it looks like my issue is a bit differently still. Do you have any suggestions on how to work around this using parameters like offset etc?

Will this be fixed once Kibana 7 rolls out?

No one who has experienced the same issue? How did you solve it?

It's quite annoying actually, and if I know this will be fixed in a next Kibana version I can wait it out. If not I will have to look for other solutions.

How has almost no one else issues with this? Here you can find the data I used to create these visualizations. Is someone able to reproduce this?

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