Timelion Issues

There are 3 Timelion issues encountered:

1) A single bar is representing data for 2 separate days.
When hovering over the 1st half of the bar, the legend shows yesterday's date with today's count. When hovering over the 2nd half of the bar, the legend shows today's date with tomorrow's count.

2) Data represented in Timelion is always late by 1 day.
Due to the incorrect match of date and data shown in the legend, it looks like the data is always late by 1 day. The workaround is to add an offset=-1d, but doing that will lead to the 3rd issue below.

3) When Offset function is used, bars are visually shifted 1 day to the right but not the X-axis.
After Offset is used (shown in the red bar chart), the date and data are matching, but the bars are not correct.

Question: can anyone please share the fix or workaround for the above issues?

In my mind this looks like a timezone issue. What is the timezone that the data is ingested as and what timezone do you use in your browser when you view the data?

Hi Marius, the data was injested on UTC+08:00. The browser was in the same timezone.

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