Kibana: getting wrong data with offset -1w?



I've got a problem with kibana's timelion.

I am comparing the count of today and last week using offset functionality.

This picture I got, when running for today:

This picture I get, if I set the time picker - 1 week, so that the shart is showing -1w and -2w.

I expected to see red line of above chart (last week from time picker today) to be identical with mint line of bottom chart (time picker last week).

But I found one chart has values starting at 2k and the other of 3k.
Is that a timelion bug or what did I make wrong?

Here is the query:

.es(index="tux-*",q="type: useractionlog AND stage: Production").label("count now").lines(width=2),
.es(index="tux-*",q="type: useractionlog AND stage: Production", offset=-1w).label("count offset -1week").lines(width=2)

Thanks Andreas

Kibana - comparison under the same timeframe
(Spencer Alger) #2

Weird, but the shape of the lines seems to match. Can you try hovering over different points on both charts and recording some of the values? Maybe it's just drawing weird...


It is getting even more weird.

I cannot reproduce the problem any longer. Now it is fine, graph and values in legend.

May it be, that timelion was just not throwing an exception if not all shards could be read?

(Spencer Alger) #4

That's entirely possible. That would account for why the shape was generally the same, but the number was off...

Looks like timelion only complains if no shards were reached

(system) #5

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