Timelion - Incorrect metrics for a given date and server timezone effects


I have an issue with timezone conversion in timelion, I care about event dates only (no hours) so I ingested data via logstash using date filter as follows:

date {
match => ["EVENT_START_DATE", "yyyyMMdd"]
timezone => "UTC"
target => "@timestamp"

In Kibana advanced settings I set UTC timezone as well. I have checked Data table and Charts and they show the metrics correctly for each day, however, Timelion disregarded the Advanced Settings and considered the server timezone (UTC -03:00). Changing the server's timezone to UTC seemed to help, but metric values are still being shown on incorrect dates regardless of the Interval used.

#Query results for reference

"key" : 1570665600000,
"key_as_string" : "20191010",
"doc_count" : 8,
"value" : 158.89230865366153
"key" : 1570579200000,
"key_as_string" : "20191009",
"doc_count" : 6,
"value" : 432.98415810004917

#Timelion query - consider just the AMOUNT metric for this post
.es(split=TRAFFIC_TYPE:3,index=aggregated-teste, timefield=EVENT_START_DATE, metric=sum:CALL_COUNT, metric=sum:CHARGED_USAGE, metric=sum:DATA_VOLUME, metric=sum:AMOUNT)

Kibana 7.3.2 (also tested with 7.4.0)

Is timelion capable of handling only dates correctly? I wanted to use a simple line chart but it does not have the Offset feature I will need.

It looks like this has been fixed recently and will be in the upcoming 7.6 release. Apologies for the trouble.

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