Timelion "stuck" on UTC timezone?

I'm transferring our local ELK netflow processing to the cloud (not elastic cloud).

Netflow data is coming into Discover in real-time, and timestamped correctly in the @timestamp field.

However, the "current time" in my timelion graph seem to be off by an hour. If i do a 'last 15minutes' query on a dashboard, all my visualisations update correctly, but the timelion ones will think it's CurrentTime-1hr and display an X-Axis showing a 15min window back from there.

In my local setup, i've not had to add timefield="@timestamp" to my timelion queries, they just works. I'd rather not do it on the hosted setup until i know why this issue is occurring.

If it helps, my cloud servers and local web browsers that are accessing Kibana are all set to UTC +1 timezones, it seems timelion could be stuck on UTC? Is that possible?

Does anyone have any ideas?


This is interesting. I have buzzed our viz team.
Or @timroes here :slight_smile: Help?


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