Bind kibana's to multiple interfaces (both localhost and


I'd like to be able to access kibana by typing in localhost:5601 as well as MACHINE_HOST_NAME:5601.

Elastic can do it easily with [_site_, _local_]. But I haven't found a way to do this in kibana.

I found, which suggests but ideally I'd like it to be only bound to localhost and eth0:1, which is (private) and not the public IP.

I also cross-posted this here

Please advise.


hi @archon810

for now, I would track the discussion for the enhancement there

In the meantime, perhaps putting a reverse proxy between the user and kibana could help you achieve this: (?YMMV)

e.g.: with nginx, configure listen only for localhost and that private IP:

For now I am using and making sure there is a firewall active and blocking access to the outside world, but in the longer term, it'd be good to see the feature implemented without having to resort to reverse proxies.

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