BitSet Filters in ES/Lucene

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I have looked at TermsLookupFilter and it is a good approach to cache
frequently used filters. However, even if I write a custom filter plugin, I
cannot use a BitSet to hold any sort of document identifier. Even the _uid
field is converted into a TermFilter.

Assume a scenario where I need to tag millions of documents with a tag like
"Finance", "IT", "Legal", etc.

Unless, I can cache these filters in memory, the cost of constructing this
filter at run time per query is not practical. If I could map the documents
to a numeric long identifier and put them in a BitMap, I could then cache
them because the size reduces drastically. However, I cannot use this
numeric long identifier in ES/Lucene filters, either Custom Filter Plugin
or Terms Lookup Filter. Is there any way?

I read about possible solutions in ES and found this link:

Please help with this scenario. Thanks,

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