Blacklisting index pattern

We have few indices which starts with predetermined prefix. If we want other indices which are created by es, kibana, monitoring tools like (monitoring-kibana, ml-state etc) to go to specefic tenant nodes tagged with admin how this can be achieved using index patterns. One option to achieve the same is as follows

template_admin_mappings: {

* order: 2,

* index_patterns: ["ml*","monitoring*"],

* settings: {
  * index: {
    * lifecycle: {
      * name: "weekly-policy"},

    * routing: {
      * allocation: {
        * include: {
          * tenant: "admin"}}},

    * number_of_shards: "2",

    * number_of_replicas: "1"}},

* mappings: { },

* aliases: { }

Cons of this I have to add all regex, is there any option where I can mention all indices who dont have specefic prefix should be routed to admin data nodes

You want an exclude list, which doesn't exist in this manner.

Feel free to create a feature request on GitHub though, it'll help us gauge interest :slight_smile:

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