Boolean Operations with Dates

Hi all,

I'm having trouble trying to implement a filter in Kibana visualization that shows unique counts of a string within certain time periods.

I want to show the unique count of a field in a date range of 0-7 days, and then the unique count of that same field for anything after 8+ days minus values that have already appeared in 0-7 days. In other words, I want to show subset A and subset B but not values that are of A and B using date as the criteria.

Using NOT on a date range does not seem to work. Seems like a simple logic problem but I am struggling. Any suggestions?


@infamous Elasticsearch doesn't support this type of query, and has limited join support

You can get pretty close to what you're looking for using a bar graph with the following configuration, but it's not excluding items from the 8+ days group that have appeared in the 0-7 days group:

Thank you so much for the reply @Brandon_Kobel. Good to know I was not missing something simple.

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