Graphing Boolean Values in Kibana

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I am trying to graph Boolean values (true/false) in Kibana. I am using unique count to plot the parsed out Boolean data. By default kibana assigned the data as string and is plotting 1- False and 2 - True when it should be 0 - False 1- True. I am not sure what's causing this. I changed the data type to Boolean but there's no change in the output. Can anybody help?

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I created a pie chart visualization with Terms aggregation and field set to Boolean field,
you will see that the tooltip and the legend mentions 1 instead of true and 0 instead of false as value. Which is right representation.

May I ask what type of visualization you are trying to create ? Can you also check your index pattern and compare what type your fields are vs. what a usable mapping looks like:

Elasticsearch is responsible for assigning the fields as string and not Kibana. I would recommend you to re-check your mappings.

Hope this helps.

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I am trying to create a bar graph to identify ping timeouts from devices. I am using unique count -> timedout field for Y-axis and timestamp for X-axis

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Am not sure what you are asking for. Am able to successfully create visualizations for boolean values in Kibana. May be you can elaborate more on your question with accurate steps.


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So i managed to change my field to boolean by using the mutate filter in my logstash config file. When I refreshed the fields i got a error asking me to reindex the fields. I by mistake deleted the index, I was using the allow all index (*) and since the index got deleted I am not able to see any of my logs and created dashboards/ graphs. I tried restarting the bitnami service but it is failing as well. Seems like I have gotten myself into a a much bigger problem while trying to solve a small issue. Please help.

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cc /@thomasneirynck any more ideas ?

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I have managed to set the variable type to boolean as in the above image you sent. However, it is still showing me 1- True and 2 - False instead of 0/1.
I am plotting a bar graph.
The y-axis details are unique count(aggregation) -> timeout (boolean value obtained from logstash filter)(field)
X-axis - Date Histogram(aggregation) with syslog timestamp(field).

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