Visualize split on boolean valued fields?

I have a field called allowAnonymous which I extract with a KV filter in logstash, and mutate into a boolean value with convert like below. It is extracted just fine and I can see it in Discover that it has been extracted as a boolean field.

mutate {
convert => {
"allowAnonymous" => "boolean"

But if I want to render a visualization, say a pie chart of occurrences of this field, split by TRUE/FALSE, it is not possible in Kibana (I am running 4.5). The fields that are displayed are only of values String and Number. What about boolean? It seems like a pretty basic capability to visualize what proportion of my requests are coming with TRUE vs FALSE. Is it possible in Kibana?


I just checked and it works ok for me;

Can we see your similar settings there?


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Deleted my logstash-* indexes, refreshed mappings in Kibana and now it is showing up. Thanks for your help. May have been a stale mapping which was causing it to not show.

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