Bootstrapped index is set as the write index but logs are getting written to old index

Hello Experts,

We are running Elastic + Fluentbit + Kibana stack on kubernetes for container logs and it was working correctly with daily rollover based on date(new-YYYY-MM-DD) but on high volume
it caused over shard size issue so created ILM policy mentioned below so that it can rollover quickly. Bootstrapped index is writable but still the old index of (new-YYYY-MM-DD) is getting written instead of the new index new-YYYY-MM-DD-000001. I have mentioned the things tried but no luck yet.

Created new policy with following condition:

PUT /_ilm/policy/new_policy
  "policy": {
    "phases": {
      "hot": {
        "actions": {
          "rollover": {
            "max_age" : "10m" #just to test faster, actually want to set it to an hour.
      "delete": {
        "min_age": "20d",
        "actions": {
          "delete": {}

Created template:

PUT _template/new_template
  "index_patterns": ["new*"], 
  "settings": {
    "number_of_shards": 1,
    "number_of_replicas": 1,
    "": "new_policy",
    "index.lifecycle.rollover_alias": "new-alias" 

Bootstrapped new index which is creating and rolling over correctly.

PUT /%3Cnew-%7Bnow%2Fd%7D-000001%3E
  "aliases": {
      "is_write_index": true 

Output plugin section inside fluentbit-configmap

    Name            es
    Match           *
    Host            ${FLUENT_ELASTICSEARCH_HOST}
    Port            ${FLUENT_ELASTICSEARCH_PORT}
    Logstash_Format On
    Logstash_Prefix new
    Trace_Error     On
    Replace_Dots    On
    Retry_Limit     False
    tls             On
    tls.verify      Off

Tried indexing but no luck.

POST _reindex
  "source": {
    "index": "new-2021.09.30" 
  "dest": {
    "index": "new-2021.09.30-000001", 
    "op_type": "create" 

Also, tried creating entire new index-pattern but it seems coming from any system defaults and not making my ILM index as default for new logs.

I don't know fluentbit but I can't see any reference to the index in those output settings?

What happens when you do that?

Fluentbit need to be set up to write into the write alias and not a time based index pattern. Have never used fluentbit so do not know how to do this or whether it is possible.

Yes. That issue is resolved now with the index parameter reference. I changed following parameters in output plugin to make it working.

        Logstash_Format Off
        #Logstash_Prefix new
        Index           new-alias

Yes. exactly. The default timeseries reference was set which required to be changed to index alias.

Thank you guys for the inputs :slight_smile:

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