Breakdown chart is missing in the trace sample

Recently i have observed that in APM transactions chart it is not showing me any break down that where time has mostly spent.

I was expecting the format in this way, but not sure why the break down chart is missing.

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Does your Java application relies on one of the supported technologies within this transaction ?

For example, are you calling a database through JDBC API ?

If the APIs you are using are listed ad supported, then you need to check the agent logs, in order to capture them properly you need to use this procedure with log_level=debug.

If the APIs/libraries that you use are not supported, then you can still capture some information using the strategies described here.

Issue is fixed, the problem is with CPU load. Once i have upgraded the hardware where APM is running, breakdown chart is showing.

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Thanks for keeping us posted here.
From what I understand here, it means that you have enabled the circuit breaker so any high cpu usage on your environment will make the agent self-disable and thus drop some tracing data.

Is that correct ?

I haven't enabled circuit breaker. I have seen my resource is constantly 99%. Number of nodes when java agent is running is very high like 100. I though of increasing CPU capacity. It worked.

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