Bringing Elasticsearch node back online after being offline for a week

We have an Elasticsearch data node that has been offline for a week. If we bring this node back online, will the cluster try to create new replica shards for the old primaries stored on that node or, because the shards are old, will it just dump them and allocate updated shards accordingly?

Which version of Elasticsearch are you using?

7.13.2 is the version

If a node leaves the cluster, any indices having primary shards on this node will have a replica present on other node in the cluster promoted to primary. If there are no replicas you will see the index enter the red state. When the node later comes back into the cluster the indices will likely be out of date and be brought up to the current state or simply replaced with up to date replicas.

The cluster will handle this automatically.

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I agree with @Christian_Dahlqvist ... just will add a few caveats... :slight_smile:

  • Assuming no other issues
  • You have enough capacity on all node etc (CPU, RAM, Network, Disk)
  • You are patient enough to let it settle :slight_smile: depending on the Size, Number or Indices / Shards etc.

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