Adding a data node back to the cluster

I'd like to know what happens if let's say I had a 3 node cluster [all are master data] and i ingested some doc in index 'hello' and then let's say a node goes down. meanwhile ES has restored all the primary and replica of index 'hello' onto the 2 running nodes. let's say this cluster ran for hours and new data got persisted into the same index. now I put back the lost node into the cluster [without deleting its data]. when the node comes back up, what happens to the local data of the node that was brought back? is it deleted by ES?

When the third node comes back up, it will receive some shards (primaries and/or replicas) from the two other nodes so that the cluster balance evens out over the three nodes.

Whatever data the third node had when it went down will be discarded as it will receive the most up-to-date data present in the shards that have been re-allocated to it.

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