Bubble chart with ratios

It would be possible to create a bubble chart in Kibana with the specs I describe below?

  • Y axis = ratio (status:KO && blocked:1)/(status:KO && status:OK)

  • X axis = ratio (status:KO && blocked:2)/(status:KO && status:OK)

  • bubble size = sum(price)

  • each bubble = product


Hi @Eduardo_De_Zulueta
We don't have a real bubble-chart in kibana. It can be simulated using a line chart, hiding the line of the metric and specifying a Dot size metric. The thing is that we cannot compute the buckets in that way on the standard line chart.
It can be done in TSVB but here the problem is a different one: TSVB is made for timeseries and you don't want to display a timeseries on the x axis.
I think the only possibility right now is to use Vega https://www.elastic.co/blog/getting-started-with-vega-visualizations-in-kibana https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/vega-graph.html

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