Colored bubble chart in Kibana

Is it possible to generate a colored bubble chart which has 4 quadrants in Kibana?
X axis would range from 0 to 10 and need to split chart at 5. Y axis would range from 0 to 110 and need to split the chart at 50. Please let me know if this is possible.

There might be something in this list that covers it -

I have generated bubble chart using the Line chart in Kibana. But I wanted the bubbles to have colors and the graph to be spliced into 4 quadrants.

I don't know your particular data or how well this works on line charts, but here's a way to make the vertical bar chart have a different color for each bar;

  1. I start with the defautl Y-Axis aggregation of Count

  2. I add an X-Axis Terms aggregation on my extension.raw field. But the bars are all the same color;

  3. Now I "Add sub-buckets", "Split Bars" and do the exact same Terms aggregation on extension.raw again

And to split into 4 quadrants, there's 2 things you could try. You can add a sub-bucket and "Split Charts". Or you can make 4 specific charts and put them together on a Dashboard.


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