Bar chart coloring

Kibana 3 shows different colors per bar:

Is there a way to achieve it in Kibana 4? is it not default behavior?

However I am able to do it using sub aggregations. But it does not work for a single aggregation.

You need to do a sub-aggregation as you've done above for this behavior.

But the ordering does not work for unique count metric.

Hi Praveen,

I don't think you want to order your "Aircraft Registration" by "Unique count of Unique Flight Code". I think the problem is that the Unique count of flight codes is a single numerical result (how many unique flight codes there are) and so that value is the same for all your bars. So that makes the sorting essentially random.

I did a test where I left my Y-axis as "count"
and my X-axis first and second (split bars) aggregation as "metric: count" (on the same geo.src in my case) and I got the colored bars representing the count of each.