Line visualisation with different colours


I have a json that contains a number and a timestamp. It reflects the number of hits of a page in a given timestamp

I want to display a line bar (y axis - timestamp, x axis - number if hits), and i want to display this in different colours based on the value (red >100, yellow 50-100, green <50)

I am displaying it using the average metric aggregation for the x axis, and it displays correctly the value. I am not sure if this is the right metric to use...

In any case, i cant see any option to split it in different colours based on that value. Is there any option to do this?


Kibana does not graph documents. Kibana graphs aggregations results. Aggregation results are generated by grouping documents into buckets and calculating a metric(s) for the group. The graphed results display the bucket (group) on the x-axis and the metric on the y-axis. The reason for this is that the Elastic Stack is designed to scale to very large data sets. The documents always stay in the Elasticsearch cluster and only the tiny aggregated results get sent to the browser.

A single line cannot have multiple colours. However, you could split the aggregation on another field and create colours for each split.


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