Visualize diffrent color

I have just started working on Elasticsearch and Kibana. I want to ask about the visualization on Kibana.

I have a graph with Y-Axis: average(value), X-Axis: time. But in my index, there is a flag fields corresponds to time and value, I want to visualize those points which is flagged by different color in same graph. Is it possible in Kibana?
Thank you.

You can't currently choose your own colours with Kibana 4. See this issue which discusses the work being done to allow this and around it.

You can by adding another term aggregation on the Y axis.

-- Asaf.

Thank you for taking time for replay. I understood I can't choose my own color individually. I will deal with adding another term aggregation on Y axis.

I've got the same problem.
How can i create a vertical bar chart for.. let's say syslog_host looking like the netfilter source ip's in this

I'm stuck with the same graph but just with green bars.

As Joshua mentioned, this will be available at a later date in Kibana 4.

Here is an issue if you'd like to +1 or comment: